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Why Social Media Is Important for Your Small Business

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

By now, most of small business owners know social media is important for reaching consumers and business partners. However, that still doesn’t make it easy to find the time to learn, create and execute a social media strategy, in companies that don’t have a dedicated employee to manage these channels.

Here are a few reasons social media needs to be a priority for your business.

Increased brand recognition: Social media helps boost your business’ visibility, and gives you a direct way to share your brand’s voice and content. Today’s customer expects a business to be accessible and recognizable online. When they search for a business or product and don’t find information from your business, they will assume you don’t have it and move on.

Improved customer service: Today’s consumers go to social media to seek help, ask questions or provide feedback.

Boost your search engine rankings: Search engines, such as Google, consider a company’s social media presence as a factor in determining where that business will rank on a search results page. Google is working to give people the most relevant search results possible. Creating engaging and shareable content on these social media platforms signals to search engines like Google that people enjoy what you are saying, thus giving your domain authority over sites that aren’t active on social media.

Entrusting your social media marketing to an outside consultant is a big step for most small business owner's. Our goal is to help business owners understand and simplify their social media marketing. We create and post your content, grow your audience, interact with your followers, and manage your paid advertising campaigns. Together, we’ll uncover the social media strategy that works best for your business.


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