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Social Media Post Ideas💡May 2020

Struggling to come up with social media content ideas that resonate with your followers?

In this post, I will share 15 social media content ideas that encourage your followers to engage with your content this month.

1. Poll your followers on which service would make a great gift for a friend or loved one.

2. Share a photo of your most recent travels. Help your followers get to know you.

3. Tell your followers about current promotions at your business.

4. Share an interesting or helpful article.

5. Wish all of your followers a happy Mother's Day weekend.

6. Mother's Day - Share the best words of wisdom your mother ever gave you.

7. Share an original blog post.

8. Remind your followers to suggest your page with their friends.

9. Post something interesting you've done this month.

10. Share an original blog post.

11. Share a customer-friendly joke. Make your followers smile.

12. Share your favorite motivational or inspiring quote.

13. Post a video response to a common question about your products or services.

14. Share a testimonial

15. Wish your followers a happy Memorial Day.

Pay attention to what works well and what your audience engages with the most. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to create great content!

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